Ferguson, MO


August 15th, 2014


A lot of people have been asking for our thoughts on what is happening in Ferguson, MO. I will admit, as things started unfolding, I tried to stay away from social media. As I have talked out against the Police in the past…those conversations escalate almost immediately, and last time It was hard for me to keep my composure.

My only hope is that now people will start to see what we are talking about. Journalists attacked, media has been blacked out, an 18 year old has been killed and the police are showing their true colors. Anonymous released the police dispatch after Brown was shot, and it took the officer 4 hours of calling in backup to call in EMS and report the shooting, which you can listen to here . Pictures from Ferguson, MO look like a war zone with the military running through the city. These are the people that WE PAY to PROTECT US.

If it wasn’t bad enough, the fucking president comes on the television and says “there is no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests or to throw protestors in jail for lawfully excercising their first amendment rights and here in the USA police should not be arresting journalists who are trying to do their jobs and report to the American people on what they see on the ground”

What an absolute joke. There are pictures of cops literally tear gassing Al Jezera reporters to keep reports from getting out. Then after the reporters fled from the attack, the police jump out of the armored truck, and dismantle the camera set up. Two reporters from the Huffington post and the Washington Post were arrested for not leaving a public McDonalds quickly. When is the last time a peaceful protest ended without arrests or restraint? Even when people are being arrested, I saw an account where someone put their hands behind their backs and yelled “I am not resisting, I am unarmed” and the police just scream “Stop resisting!” and they use whatever force they want.

Look…this is not about who is right and who is wrong. People get passionate about the topic and I truly get that. But if you cannot notice what is happening this very second in our country, than you are just lying to yourself. This is history repeating itself.


  1. If you cannot notice what is happening this very second in our country, than you are just lying to yourself….

    Stray from the path- You’re spot on.

  2. Jessica-Lyn says:

    This is why I love you guys not just as a band, but as people. You speak what’s on your mind, which is the truth. Others seem to like to ignore what is really going on in the real world rather than try and help. I even posted a link on my Facebook earlier to donate money for bail for the people who have been arrested, yet no one seemed to care.

    I hope more people realize that there are a lot of scum bag cops out there, and I hope the petition to have cameras on cops at all times works as well.

  3. Andrew says:

    I agree with and love everything said here. I’m from a rich New England suburb, and we never see this type of behavior first handed. Talking with kids around town about issues like this, a lot of them brush it off and make excuses. it’s a terrible thing to see people completely blind to the issues at hand, simply putting their faith in the hands of the officers who run around this country doing whatever they please, never stopping to think that maybe this murdered (make no mistake, it was murder, nothing more and nothing less) teen had the same mind set, placing the same faith in the cops whose duty is to serve and protect.

    It isn’t enough to live in a country to be a citizen of that country. A citizen is awake, aware, active, and vocal. Four things too many people in this country are not. People should stop being a bystander, and become a citizen. Even if you agree with the police here, at least we can discuss this issue further. We as a country need to wake up, and simply give a shit.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Hi SFTP, this article logically prompts me to ask the question, “How can we prevent history from repeating itself?”
    There’s no easy answer, but a solution is feasible. Since it is not possible to have a state without a police entity, we need to emphasize the role of having diversity within law enforcement. It’s more of a matter of educating people (every. human. being.) that diversity exists; that no stereotype of any sort suffices as a reason to behave in a particular manner.
    This comment is more of a prompt for you, reader, to consider how you can help and make a difference, and you can. You can develop a broader perspective that doesn’t stigmatize other people based on their race, gender, culture, group affiliations, etc.
    With that being said, our current police state does not suffice and improvements do need to be made.

  5. James Margison says:

    While il a agree with you that police overreaction is on the rise, I think it’s fucking pathetic that you completely ignore the reasons there is a police force in that capacity there to begin with. Which is completely vile, sick, and absolutely disgusting acts of protests by a bunch of people who had the publics opinion on their side from the fucking get go. But no, they can’t let a golden opportunity to vandalize steal, and smash other people property and ways of living to pieces and putting innocent people’s ways of living in jeopardy. I hope they all get arrested. There is a right way and a wrong way for everything, and they are the shining example of the wrong way of going about protesting.. And Obama cares so fucking much, he was only dancing at a birthday party in Marthas Vineyard last night. Lol, what a fucking joke. Just like him rather drinking beer at a bar in Colorado instead of accessing the situation we have on our border here in Texas.

    • sftplogin says:

      I know there are some people that used the rioting to steal. But I think before you get mad at that, you need to ask “why are these people like this?” and “what caused this rioting” and thats what you should be mad at. RATM said it best, “Trade in their history for a VCR”, we live in a capitalist/materialistic world, and that can be one of the roots of the evil you speak of.

  6. Aidan N says:

    F.E.A.R you listening?

  7. Jonathan says:

    Americans are tired. Tired of the ever-mounting national debt and inflation. Tired of sending brothers and sons to fight foreign wars. Tired of a government that doesn’t listen to its people. Tired of the crooked legal system. America is no longer a “mixing pot”. Its a molotov cocktail. And what happened in Ferguson is the spark to light it. People need unity, now more than ever. Camaraderie and above all we need the wool pulled from our eyes. Reform and correction is needed, desperately. And until it is actually acted upon, until the men in blue are actually punished for their violence, this wont stop. Ferguson is just the beginning. And you had better believe that when this is happening on my block, in my city, I will be in the street fighting for what’s mine and everyone else’s: the right to live.

  8. Tyler says:

    It’s nice to see a band politically active and have an opinion incurrent affairs, hardcore needs this.

  9. Charlie says:

    I couldn’t agree more guys seriously I’m glad there are people who feel the same way!

  10. simon roig says:

    Word. I talked to you guys about Alex Jones when you played a show here at old Emo’s in Austin, TX back a year or two ago. We had a great talk amidst beer and cigarettes! good work, dudes.

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  13. there are a lot if details to this story. we only have the cops version of what really happened and start with, mr. brown was truly a big boy at 6’4″. the cop was sitting inside his cruiser(limited movement allowed)while Brown was standing outside with total freedom. Now the big question is WHY WAS THERE ANY PHYSICAL CONRACT between the two of them. something just doesn’t add up. why didn’t the cop get out of his car to check for I.D. at least? almost sounded like the cop was a bit of a racist or at the least fearful. with all the over arming and military style of the police, the U.S. public is losing freedoms. too bad it is not directed more towards the muslim militants. Oh, l forgot, Obama is one of them.

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