June 11th, 2014


This warped tour we are handing out SFTP Grenade stickers to people at the event. On the back of the sticker we have “Mankind will stop Monsanto or Monsanto will stop Mankind. Say no to GMO’s” printed on it. If you came here to find out about what that means, I am glad you did.

Here is the so-called “upside” to GMO’s. They have a higher turn around time for crops, and this would be able to supply the world with more food. But this is only short-term. What Monsanto does, is genetically engineer crops so that they can withstand being sprayed by heavy doses of a chemical called “Round Up” which helps kill the weeds around the plants as they grow. They then sell these products to major food companies in North America for us to consume. They have completely monopolized the seed market. If a farmer wants to grow non Monsanto/GMO products, they are going to pay a significantly higher price than the Monsanto product. If the farmer wants to save money on seed, he will see those savings from Monsanto seeds. Monsanto also has a clause in their sales contracts that gives Monsanto the right to sue any farmer if they re-use the seed from the year before, which means? More $$$$$$. The company conducts their own safety testing and has never conducted extensive long term studies on any of the products that they produce. They get away with everything because they are tied in with the entire US Government and the passing of the Monsanto Protection Act.

In 2007, Barack Obama promised to “immediately label Genetically Modified Food, because Americans should know what they are eating”. This has never been done, and he is now on his 2nd term. Europe labels GMO foods and even China, a country who doesn’t let you go on Facebook, labels their food with GMO. Americans need to be able to make a decision to buy GMO or Non-GMO. Monsanto’s reasoning for not labeling products is because they don’t want people to not buy the products because they will irrationally choose the product that is non-GMO. Their concern should be assuring us why it is safe to eat their food. Obama has appointed an ex-Vice President of Monsanto as the FDA Commissioner of food…that is basically like hiring Tim Lambesis as a marriage counselor.

It terrifies me the way this is going. Henry Kissinger said “If you control the food supply, you control the people” and I believe that is the ultimate goal here. I urge you to look more into this.

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  1. Jason L. says:

    And THIS is why I respect you guys more and more. sad to say I didn’t discover you guys till Anonymous dropped but I have and fan to the end. and the fact your Eyes are open as well as opening others makes it all the better. cheers brothers!

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